USB to IEEE-1284 Printer Cable

USB to IEEE-1284 Printer Cable, 6 feet long

  • Full compliance with the USB spec. 1.0
  • Low power consumption and is powered from USB connection.
  • Full compatible USB host device drivers available
  • Transparent fully automatic support for true bi-directional communication
  • Hardware initiates and manages automatic negotiation for the fastest protocol available
  • Supports standard PC parallel port register-based operation
  • Supports of multiple logical channels
  • Maximum throughput: 1.216 Mbytes/s (ECP mode)
  • Allows current Microsoft windows printer drivers to print seamlessly to USB
  • Fully Plug & Play compatible

Power Supply       Bus Powered from USE Cable
Voltage            +5V
Current            8O mA (Max)
Cable Length       6 ft (180 cm) AWG 28/24
Input Connector    USB type A plug
Output Connector   Centronics, 36-pin Male
Operating Temp.    5oC  40oC
Stock Temp.        -20oC - 60oC
Humidity           20%  80% RH, non condensing
Enclosure          Plastic
Weight             110 g
Dimension          43 × 53 × 19.5 mm


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