RJ11/45 Cable Testers

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Link Tester For RJ11 & RJ45 Mod Cord

Link Tester For DEC Type Mod Cord

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Remote Cable Tester

For USOC4/6/8, Ethernet 10BaseT/10Base2, EIA/TIA-568A/B, TOKEN RING, Telephone, Apple Talk, PhoneNet Cabling System Testing.
Powered by 9V battery, Automatic deactivation, Open/short wiring test, Connected wire display, No connection/no terminator indication, Wrong connection/Non parallel connection display, Ethernet 10BASE2/10BASE5 terminator value detection.
Remote Cable Tester, Model DC-45

For testing wire continuity, miswiring and polarization in network cables, thin Ethernet (BNC)/10Base-T(UTP/STP)356A/TIA-568A/TIA-568B and Token Ring. The attached remote terminator can be the cable before and after cable installation. It also tests the ground of shielded twisted pair cable, and has a BNC jack and a RJ-45 jack.

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